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academic background

2006 at the age of 16 for gifted students at the Korea National University of Arts
Graduated from the Korea National University of Arts in 2009.
Completed Master's degree at the National University of Music in 2010
Graduated from the top performer's course at the National College of Music in Munich in Munich.

2006 International Music Competitions Johann Matthias Sperger Youngest Winner (Asia's First)
2007 International Serge Kousevitsky Double Bass Competition Winning (First Asian)
2011 International Instrumentalwettbewerb Markneukirchen (Joint 2nd Prize)

2007 Kumho Cultural Foundation Gifted Concert, 
 Young Artist solo, Rising Star solo,
 Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, KBS, Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra, Ulsan Philharmonic


 Collaboration with Daegu Philharmonic Orchestra and Gwacheon Philharmonic Orchestra
 a Moscow debut Daewon Music Award

2008 Kumho Music Awards

2009 Deutsche Grammophon record release Double Base Solo for the first time

2010 Chung Myung-whun and 7 Musicians Play
 a performance by Berlin Philharmonic Kammer Hall.

Performing at Carnegie Hall in the United States with 2011 international double bass ensemble 'Baciona Amorosa'
Berlin Philharmonic Chamber Hall Solo Stage Debut Germany 
Recital to Celebrate the Opening of the IBK Chamber Hall at the Seoul Arts Center
2012 German Polling Hall Ensemble Munique Recital
Recital Invited to the Chamber Music Series at the Louvre Museum in Paris
 Seoul Arts Center Ibk Hall Double-Base Recital

2013 2nd Album [unlimited]

2014 Second Album Recital,
Seo Ol-shihyang's deputy guest and album recording
2014 Bassiona Amorosa 'Klassik One Grenzen Preise'

2015 Recital (Ji Yong & Sung Min Je) 'Romanticist' National Tour

2016 "2015" Concert Korean Music Award (New Artist Music Award)
Third [unplugged] album release
Jarasum Festival
Seoul Jazz Festival
 ACC World Music Festival

2017 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Success Concert
Sejong Center Classic Generation Classic Base Inspiration>
 Concert of the Jeju Symphony Orchestra at the Symphony Festival Incheon International Airport Korean Wave Culture Festival K-Music Festival
Promoting the honorary ambassador of Pyeongchang Special Music & Art Festival

Current Activities

Kumho Asiana Soloists Unit
International Double-Base Ensemble 'Baciona Amorosa' 
Music Director of the Kansong Cultural Foundation in Korea
music director of the Clazz Philharmonic Orchestra

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